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We open this section on our blog with questions to the riders of our team and riders who, due to their personality and esteem, will also have a place.

In this way we will get to know a little more about the life and tastes of some BMX bike riders on the national and international scene.

We started with our friend and rider Jaime @hitemweedit.

AW- Name:

JG- Jaime González

AW- Age:

JG- 31

AW- Sponsors:

JG- Action Wheels and Cult (you can see the available Cult pieces by clicking HERE)

(Photo by Cristian Traila)

AW- Tell us a bit about where you come from and how you see the current scene:

JG- I live in Torrejon de Ardoz, half an hour from downtown Madrid.

We have a pretty cool local Skatepark, I'm not very into the new signings but I see kids around here who give it a kick. In the center there is movement and Cou is around here giving war. I'm a bit off topic but I think Leganés is the most alive lately.

The street continues to give laziness to more than one that if hahaha

At the national level, things are very fresh both above and below.

AW- Some day you thought about reaching PRO (paid PROFESSIONAL) or have you always preferred to ride your roll even having a top level, what do you think should happen to get there and what would you tell a kid who is starting and wants to get there At the top.

JG- The illusion was always there, especially when I started to be supported by you and the leading brands. Part of that motivation makes you improve a lot on the bike but not so much without it. It's easy to turn it into an addiction if you always have one goal in mind.

Maybe now I'm pretty dead, but when I gave up hope of getting more sponsors or money or blah blah that's when I started to really enjoy riding my bike without needing to pull out an "X" trick or record an "X" clip to feel satisfied.

The networks have done a lot of damage in that, it is more important to teach people what you can do than simply do it. I totally include myself ehhh, I'm one of those who rides just because I record myself if not ever hahaha.

(Photo by Woozy bmx)

AW- What do you think is more important, the "Lifestyle" that this sport gives you or the more competitive side?

JG- BMX Lifestyle forever.

Those of us who have been in this for years know that the people you meet thanks to it are priceless. It is a vip pass to the potato of many people.

AW- Are you more into Jams, compete or ride with colleagues? What would be ideal for you and what do you think of BMX in the Olympic games?

JG- Everything grows and becomes media. Neither bad nor good, it is something necessary in any scenario. I always prefer colleagues and snitch in search of spots.

AW- Going back to the events, tell us an anecdote or something that happened to you in a jam, competition ...

JG-I have participated in so few that there is not much to tell hahaha. In Boadilla in one of those going to buy the Chinese with Javi Castilla I broke my meniscus doing the idiot. Total random like everything cool in bmx.

(Photo by Cristian Traila)

AW- You ride in the street and sometimes you record yourself, what does that imply, what does it mean for you? How do you find motivation or is it more for time?

JG-In fact I only ride like that hahaha, with work and here marginalized where I live it ends up being difficult to square with people. I have gradually appreciated it over the years, it was this or stop riding. It makes me quite investigate polygons about everything. Some ruinous wallride, a couple of ugly curbs, I know, anything that involves thinking a bit and leaving your mark there. The ramps we all know that you have to take them from the front but the street comes without instructions or facilities.

AW- If you had a chance, which Legend would you hang out with riding?

JG- Well, in the past I would have said with any of the greats, garrett, nathan, blah blah… But I really wouldn't want that now because they are not my colleagues, I don't want to be there half tense trying to measure up. With the usual colleagues without a doubt and I will kill myself if necessary.

AW- Where would you like to live to ride?

JG- London to chop and couple all the walls to full hahaha.

AW- By the way, how long have you been riding? How has BMX changed you over the years?

JG- 15 years or so years. It's changed everything from bikes to tricks - thank goodness a chicken bunny is still the best trick.

(Photo by Woozy bmx)

AW- What are the benefits of riding BMX?

JG- Those of any other sport. The same gives you a lot of agility if you don't want to be catching all the time

AW- We know that you practice calisthenics, why did you start with it and not with paddle tennis to say something?

JG- I started training on the bars because it shows to be a little fit when riding a bike, less discomfort in joints and unloading the back when hanging is appreciated a lot.

Then like everything, every time you itch more and feeling better ...

As a result of the injuries I began to give more cane to not being able to ride.

AW- You are a street traveler, but what are your favorite riders and the ones you like the least:

JG-Preferred: Nathan Williams, Mark Burnett, Garrett Reynolds, Jordan Hango, Brett Silva, Chase Dehart, Kevin Peraza, Dennis Ennarson, infinity pufff.

Which ones I don't like: the ones who got freecoo and don't know how to use it, maximum laziness. Horrible super trickers 0 style and a lot of brake noise. I don't have their names in mind.

Which ones I don't like: those who got freecoo and don't know how to use it, maximum laziness. Horrible super trickers 0 style and a lot of brake noise. I don't have their names in mind because I don't play their videos.

AW- Let's go back to the day to day, how do you prepare for a BMX session? or do you catch a bike and what comes up?

JG- I got up early, cold shower, black coffee and bike to the seat of a car that is worth less than some sneakers hahaha.

Surrounding polygons here we go, always toilet paper because I love shitting around lost.

AW- Do you usually hear music when you ride? What do you hear?

JG- Never. I need to hear the bike and the surroundings. I'm alone almost always, I have to be attentive to everything hahaha

AW- About the bike, your favorite set-up and your oldest piece. What is it? In addition, are you to wear it tight and clean or do you care how it is and the look it has?

JG- 2 metal pegs, medium high handlebar and loose tires. I'm not carrying any relics right now.

AW- What tools do you carry when you ride? The basics to disassemble the bike. Troncha, small pump and camera


JG- Meniscus bye. But thanks to this I became interested in knowing what the body needs to function fairly well. And it's not the shit you take.

(Photo by Elias Photography)


JG-A wall where you can dock


JG- Wall and manual 180


JG- @Lic_diego_caceres


JG-I'm very strong


JG- Donnie Darko


JG- Bob Marley


JG- Biography of silence. Pablo d’ors.


JG- Am * z * n. Surely everything is loading but I find things that I could never get.


JG- Spit of sardines


JG- Calisthenics

AW- Who do you want us to interview?

JG- Tito Paulino.

AW- Thanks Jaime for your time, see you at the Walls! Let's see if the Street killa Tito Paulino will give us a little of his time.

Ride on!

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