Tito´s interview

Tito´s interview

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If my memory serves me correctly, the first time I met Tito was at Chopped Jam here in Madrid, he would surely be accompanied by Igna Bart and Facundo, he was wearing a helmet that didn't even fit because of the afro he was wearing at that time and of course, BMX brakeless and four pegs. At that time he was a child and although now he is a kid he has very clear ideas and his BMX bike accompanies him wherever he is, keeping BMX, friends and work in a super healthy and close way.

BMX lifestyle 100%.

In this short interview we will also have photos that represent Tito Paulino's day to day very well, with captures of the Great Ismael Ibañez, 35mm photos of Aleix Barau, good frames of Diego Manero and photos by friends such as Richard Rodriguez and Courage Adams .

AW- Name:

TP- Tito Paulino

AW- Age:

TP- 21

Photo by Aleix Barau (Instagram @ aleix.barau)

AW- Sponsors if you have:

TP- None

AW- Tell us a bit about where you come from and how you see the current scene:

TP- I am from Madrid but of Dominican origin. The truth is that I am very out of the scene right now and I could not tell you that, but from what I see of my colleague the Courage Adams I see that he is doing well and is doing everything possible to make it go well as well.

AW- In case of being negative, what would you do to improve or change the current scene?

TP- Nothing

AW- Someday you thought about getting to PRO (paid PROFESSIONAL) or have you always preferred to ride your roll even having a very high level, what do you think should happen to get there and what would you say to a kid who is starting.

TP - I think that at the beginning of riding we all have that "dream" but the truth is that it went quickly for me, I did not want to see this sport as a constant competition or get bitter for wanting a sponsor that never comes. When you really improve is when you enjoy what you do without pressure or anything. Whatever has to come, come but enjoy the first thing (I would tell him that)

Photo by Ismael Ibañez (Instagram @ismaelibanezphoto)

AW- You are a PRO cutting heads (in a good way), how do you carry your work and your love of BMX? Is it compatible or do you think you ride at half throttle? Can everything be done? We always see you evolution!

TP- I handle it quite well, they are things that I have always had there and I think they are compatible, whenever I traveled with the bike I would take my hair clippers with me, I would make the boys handsome and then we would go riding, it was double satisfaction to see the cut that he had just made and then on top of it we had a session in the street.

AW- What do you think is more important, the "Lifestyle" that this sport takes you to or the more competitive side? Or what do you like the most?

TP- BMX Lifestyle without a doubt, is what I told you before, if you intend to compete all the time, you end up bitter and without seeing all the good that this sport gives you without having to compete, just enjoying what you do and sharing with friends .

Photo by Diego Manero (Instagram @diego_manero_)

AW- Are you more into Jams, compete or ride with colleagues? What would be ideal for you and what do you think of BMX in the Olympic games? [For or against, etc ...]

TP- The jams and the competis are cool because it is the moment where we ALL get together and it is incredible, but if we get to enjoy riding ... Riding with colleagues without a doubt, at the jams and the competis I am going to hang out and if I see a spot that can do something I do but the most important thing for me in that is to enjoy the day with everyone.

AW- Going back to the events, tell us any anecdote or something that happened to you in a jam, competition or simply riding with colleagues ...

TP- I have a few really hahaha, all drunk or hungover to be honest, whoever knows me knows it, but not something from the other world either.

AW- You ride mostly on the street. What does that imply, what does it mean for you? How do you find motivation?

TP- BMX street is creativity, not like a skatepark that you want or not, I already have the spots ready to ride, I would only have to think in lines.

The street teaches you to eat coconut, it has more variety to look for spots that you have seen 30 times and did not know what to do, in a few words it makes you a man hahaha and the most important thing is that you know the city where you are, I do go to a city The first thing I do is talk to locals and go out to film, so apart from riding we also do tourism and get to know.

Photo by Aleix Barau (Instagram @aleix.barau)

AW- If you had a chance, which Legend would you hang out with riding?

TP- With Igna Bart

AW-Where would you like to live to ride? Or rather, how would you like to live to be able to ride?

TP- No injury worries and money enough not to have to work.

Tito, Igna Bart, Bate and Carlos Vinuesa. Photo by Richard Rodriguez (Instagram @Bikesneakers)

AW- By the way, how long have you been riding? And why did BMX attract your attention and not football for example?

TP- I will take 7-8 years more or less and the truth is that from a very young age I liked bikes a lot and one day I saw a colleague with one, I saw him climb a curb and I thought, I want to do that and that's how I started to get interested for bmx to this day.

AW- What benefits does riding a BMX bike bring you?

TP- Peace of mind and not thinking about anything.

AW- You are street, but what are your favorite riders:

TP- Street - Agustin Gutierrez

Park- Sergio Layos

Half pipe - No idea

Megaramp - Less

Dirt - Chase Hawk, dennis, Sergio again ...

Flat - Varo Hernandez and Alberto Moya

Photo by Diego Manero (Instagram @diego_manero_)

AW- Let's go back to the day to day, how do you prepare for a BMX session? or Do you catch a bike and what comes up?

TP- I catch a BMX bike and whatever comes up, I don't like making plans in general, which then fall apart and I get more pissed off. Where is a good all day around the city making bunny chickens, chinks and some grinds wherever everything is removed.

AW-Do you usually hear music when you ride? Does it motivate you? What do you usually hear?

TP- I really like listening to music so I don't have distractions and I get into my world, I take them off to talk to the rock and such. I usually listen to Hip Hop, Afro, R&B, Dancehall ...

AW- About the bike, your favorite set-up and your oldest piece. What is it? In addition, are you to wear it tight and clean or do you care how it is and the look it has?

TP- The oldest part is the Primo Aneyerlator stem but it died recently after a long time and the truth is that I adjust my bike every x time and clean it I can tell you the same thing hahahah I do not care if it looks scab or new, with what I can ride ... yes, without strange colors or gasoline or anything like that.

Photo by Aleix Barau (Instagram @aleix.barau)

AW-What tools do you carry when you ride?

TP- I'm not really one to carry tools, my bad.


TP- Fissure of the humerus and tear in the infraspinatus in the same ostia. Horrible


TP- The Plaza de Goya, where I started riding.


TP- Chinks and Wallride


TP- I don't have any


TP- Aleix Barau (IG @ aleix.barau), Jankar solis


TP- Aleix Barau (IG @ aleix.barau), Gonzalo cab (IG @ gonzalo.cab)


TP- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


TP- Adventure


TP- The Alchemist


TP- None


TP- Locrio of pork ribs with beans


TP- Calisthenics

AW- And finally, who do you want us to interview.

TP- Luis lillo

Photo by Courage Adams (Instagram @courageadams)

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